Peter Msechu

Peter Msechu was born in 1988 in Kigoma region, in the northern part of Tanzania close to the border with Burundi. He started singing aged ten when his father took him to join Kigoma Lutheran Church Choir, where at the time his father was the choir teacher.

Peter’s mother meanwhile was a teacher at Katubuka Primary School. She wanted her son to study hard while his father wanted him to be a musician. In 2009 Peter Msechu’s talents came under the national spotlight in Bongo Star Search (BSS), a weekly TV talent competition, coming in at number two. His dream had been to front a band, and said to himself “now is the time”. Within months he had released two major hits, “Hasira Hasara” and “Relax” (collaborating with Kenya-based Burundian musician Kidumu). After becoming popular all over Tanzania by 2010, he joined Tusker Project Fame; similar to Bongo Star Search but this time including contestants from all over East Africa. Peter Msechu soon accumulated more fans throughout East Africa, ultimately coming in again at number two. With an even greater confidence and resolve to pursue his career in music, during the past year Msechu has performed all over East Africa and more recently in the USA.