"I am a singer/songwriter who feeds off of the happenings in my environment and everyday life. My music is a reflection of who I am and an honest outlet for me to truly be myself and to pass my message to the world. Music is my safe haven, the one thing that I can always depend on to bring joy to my sadness or sanity to the craziness that can sometimes be life. I am the kind of artist who cannot be put in a box because my music is a fusion of afro/jazz/highlife/funk music with hints of various other genres. I am a very creative and ambitious person with not just my music but also my fine art. I am a painter and founder of my art company called NORRD which has had a publicised exhibition called “the norrd phenomenon”and makes custom designs for fashion and products. I know the harsh realities that life brings as well as the more pleasant things and I like to talk about it and share it with people. If I can connect with anyone in my audience in any way I will feel like I am that much closer to achieving my dreams of spreading my music." 

- Nissi