Mvroe is 1/6th of EA Wave (East African Wave), a young DJ Producer collective from Nairobi. Mvroe is a song writer, vocalist, rapper and performer and his production style is described by OkayAfrica as "more unhinged than the rest of the EA Wave crew".

Mvroe currently has 3 singles out. LOVE, FREAKY and ATTITUDE are from the soon to be released album 'Let her come over' which is a collaborative project with Joseph Kiwango and 2 other members of the EA Wave crew Ukweli and Hiribae. He also has another single out 'Honesty' from his solo album project 'Room Full of Gvrls'.

"Mvroe has a sound that listeners will recognise as being closer to classic US-style trap, his TRUE EP hitting harder than many others in the Kenyan scene, especially those peddling the more laidback NuNairobi sound." VICE 2017

Mvroe talks about his influences as being Drake and Michael Jackson and everything in between. He's currently one of the leading producers, performers of the growing Trap scene in Nairobi.

Mvroe is also part of the EA Wave collective. EA Wave have already had some critical acclaim in the region as both producers and DJ's, but recently they have come together as a hybrid live Electronic act, with midi & live instruments and vocals; one of very few live electronic acts in the region. With an average age of 22yrs, their live act was originally influenced by the likes of Bonobo and Four Tet, but as their live music is evolving, its become a fusion of multiple genres, less abstract and more song based, representing their unique and distinct styles as individuals but creating something whole and unique from this.