Gary Lucas

Gary Lucas has been called “one of the best guitarists in America” by Rolling Stone and “one of the 100 grreatst living guitarists” by Classic Rock. A prolific Grammy-nominated recording artist, songwriter, and composer, Gary has released over 35 albums to date in a variety of genres. He tours the world relentlessly and has performed to date in over 40 countries, His collaborators include Leonard Bernstein, Captain Beefheart ,Jeff Buckley, Patti Smith, Lou Reed, Bryan Ferry, Nick Cave, and manyv others.This year he's performed solo at the UN before the General Assembly for International Holocaust Remembrance Day; premiered his 11th live film score for Orson Welles’ silent film “Too Much Johnson”; produced an album for UK singer/songwriter Ed Laurie; and been profiled on National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered”. Last year he released 3 acclaimed albums, this year Gary plans to release at least 4 new albums.



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