DuduWorx - out of Lagos/Nigeria, the birthplace of Afrobeat - are a studio based post-Afrobeat collective, originally created as a re-mixing platform in 2005 by Producer/DJ/Radio personality Ade Oyedele (Afrologic).

Thereafter, in a collaborative effort with the group SS2, a debut single, ’’Ola Mi Ti De’’ - an early foray into original Afrobeat/Hip-Hop fusion- was released.

After a hiatus, DuduWorx, now with an additional permanent member, singer/songwriter Temi Oyedele, have released a new single ‘’Balls Of Fire’’.

In reality, the musical output from the collective has often being in collaboration with other musicians, and ‘’Balls Of Fire’’ is no exception.

‘’Balls Of Fire’’ is first, in a series of planned single releases, visual-art concepts/live shows, and a studio album projected for 2019.