DJ Spinall

Sodamola Oluseye Desmond is a DJ from Nigeria.  He is popularly known as DJ SPINALL a.k.a TheCAP.

He grew up in Lagos, born June 2nd as the third child from a family of five.

He started calling himself SPINALL in 2003.  Spinall just as the name implies, signifies a DJ who plays all kinds of genre of music, he is not restricted to any specific genre, his style of play has been tagged by many as “fearless” as a result of his ability to bring all kinds of music in one playlist, these differentiated him out from the lots and won him several awards.

DJ SPINALL studied Electrical Electronics Engineering at the University, then went ahead to get DJ lessons and kept upgrading himself ever since with online tutorials and self rehearsals. He is also a proud member of the coalition of Nigerian DJs worldwide also known as NDJs.  With experiences lasting close to a decade in the industry, the Unstoppable DJ Spinall has worked as a DJ on Ray Power and Eko FM Lagos and endless Club DJing experiences in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Dubai, Italy, South Africa, Ghana and of course major cities in Nigeria.

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