Abjiboye Adjibaba

Born in 1957, his real name Lucien K. AKPO, Adjiboyé is an artist of the traditional music Idaasha and rhythm: Atchôkri of which he claims to be king. Native of Glazoué (center of Benin), he is the son of Antoine Akpo and Joséphine Akotchiwa farmers. Very soon removed from the academic activities, the celebrity was interested in euphoria in the music of his home, and it is at the age of ten that he already composes his own songs: great Admirer of Oliworo, Olodé and Gbeffa, his elders, the young virtuoso of the music idaatcha has indeed started his musical career since the age of 18 years.
With his group called Kadjogbé, with 25 members he is the tenor of the rhythm '' Atchôkri idaatcha '' which he develops and promotes. A sonority that draws its essence from the Goumbé, favorite music of the region of the 41 Hills of Dassa- Zoumé-Glazoué. His texts focus on rural life, society, love, forgiveness...
For example, he has an impressive musical career with about 40 audio albums to his credit: his first ''33 tours'' dates from 1976: album of five titles baptized "Dada Fou'm l'Atchè" translation: "my father Gave me the power to sing"embellished by the Goumbé rhythm.
Author of an audiovisual album titled Inna in 2014, produced and recorded in Bandélé Studio by "Aïra Productions" the record company of the artist RASBAWA, the latter won him the trophy of Best Traditional Musician Artist of the African continent of Year in Lagos "AFRIMA" for his song Inna (Mom) by winning the All African Music Awards in Lagos, Nigeria. The undisputed and undisputed King of the Hills will soon be back on the national and international scene.